Gospel Communities

Gospel Communities are gospel-centered, relational gatherings for discipleship, growth and ministry.

Each Gospel Community is made up of 8-15 people, meeting weekly in church member's homes to study God's Word and encourage each other through relationships and prayer.

Email mcc@kendra.com for more info or to get connected to a Gospel Community.

Fall Gospel Communities

Sundays - 2:00pm - Snohomish

Sundays - 5:30pm - Lake Stevens (currently full)

Tuesdays - 6:30pm - Snohomish (currently full)

Thursdays - 5:30 - Snohomish

Fridays - 6:00pm - Granite Falls

Fridays - 6:30pm - Snohomish

Fridays - 6:00pm - Snohomish (for 7th-12th grade students)