Machias Community Church

Why I like to sit on a sharp rock 

Posted by Pastor Ron Wednesday, January 05, 2011 8:00:00 AM

It isn't comfortable and getting out there is a little sketchy carrying a camera with large telephoto lens... but it puts me in great position as long as I don't relax the death grip my legs have on the rock.

For example ~ this shot of Mike Kohl sweeping his hand through the wave.  Can you tell which way his hand is sweeping? (hint below)

The above is the full frame without any cropping.  Reproduced here at only 540 pixels wide it lacks the same impact it would have as a six foot poster.

Sometimes I can even get a bird's eye view:

This is one of my favorites because everything is moving except the kid's hair!

Mike's hand up close ~ note the water dripping off of his fingers.  In the top picture it almost seems that he swept his fingers backwards through the wave, but in reality he held his hand still and let it sweep through the wave as he moved forward.