Machias Community Church

What lies below the surface? 

Posted by Pastor Ron Saturday, June 11, 2011 6:00:00 AM


At times our Bull Frogs are like icebergs... only a small part is showing above the surface. We have three now and hundreds more ready to sprout legs.

And just like an iceberg lying in wait for an inattentive ship so this fellow is waiting for a goldfish or low flying bird. They don't get this size by skipping meals.

Move your mouse pointer over the frog to see what lies below, ready to propel that enormous mouth forward. Did you know that a bullfrog's mouth goes beyond ear`to`ear and has teeth?

I used a polarizing filter on my lens to get the second picture. It blocked most of the reflected light and allowed the camera to 'see' underwater. The above effect is not Photoshop. It is a 1/4 turn of the polarizing filter.

If we had spiritual polarizing filters the world we live in would look very different. We only see what is on the surface. There is a lot going on that we can't perceive with our senses and some of it is not benign.

Fortunately God has us covered just like He had Elisha and his servant protected by an army of angels. After all, Jesus himself has prayed for you.