Machias Community Church

Things you find under bridges 

Posted by Pastor Ron Saturday, April 02, 2011 7:00:00 AM

The Freemont Troll isn't under the Freemont Bridge. It isn't even a real troll. Not only that, it has a serious tourist infestation.

To find real trolls you need to look at night out in the countryside under wooden bridges. Steel I-beams are OK as long as the decking and supports are wood.

Needing a new hobby like I need a hole in the head I recently bought a GPS to go geocaching. This is all Dave Carr's fault.

Earlier this week I went to find the cache that had been placed under the bridge. When I arrived I found it swarming with trolls in orange vests!  Actually they were Snohomish County workers and they were very nice. They were replacing the bridge bracing.

I returned later in the week before daybreak. No one in sight but by this time the Pilchuck River was in a rage from the recent rains and snow melt. Where before I could walk on dry land I now had to walk a slippery plank above swirling water. Fortunately I wasn't wearing my Crocs.