Machias Community Church

Preach the Word? 

Posted by Pastor Ron Sunday, November 03, 2013 7:45:00 PM

What were you taught in Homiletics?

Were you taught to weave a few Bible verses into a slick presentation of pop psychology that would have them flocking to hear your 'practical sermons'?


Well, if you want to compete in today's religious arena and capture your share of the market you had better learn from the masters! Look at those who are successfully capturing hearts, minds and souls by the thousands. See if you can discern the common thread. It's there and it works (it's always worked.) Give them what is pleasing to the eye, appeals to their desires and satisfies their ego.

Simple really. And of course, deadly.

What were you taught in Homiletics?

Were you taught to preach the unadulterated and unadorned Word of God? Were you taught to read it distinctly and then give the meaning so that people could understand what the Word of God was saying?  (Nehemiah 8:8)


Were you also taught that the Holy Spirit would be the indwelling 'Teacher' who would lead and guide them into all truth? Did you learn that from Jesus? Did Paul make that plain to you? Did you understand that from the Apostle John?  Were these your Homiletics teachers?  John 16:13-15; 1 Corinthians 2:1-16; I John 2:27

I know preachers who feel that the ultimate aim in preaching the Word is to 'bring it home' and make application to people's lives. But there are so many people with different lives and differing needs to be met by that one sermon! What a daunting task!

Do you carry 'the burden of application'? Well that is a heavy burden indeed my friend, and one I would encourage you to surrender immediately to its rightful owner: God the Holy Spirit.

I know this is not a popular homiletic. People (preachers and congregations alike) are not tuned in to the God who is actually present and desires to reveal Himself. We treat God as though He were absent or if present, powerless and mute. We think that God needs us to do more than the simple task of reading and explaining His Word.

He doesn't.