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Oh Yes!!! 

Posted by Pastor Ron Saturday, November 19, 2011 1:50:00 PM

For step by step photos with captions click on the picture above.

This is a PTL update on my Oh No! post last month where the filter ring on the front of my Nikon lens was damaged. I ordered the parts from Nikon and repaired it myself.

Update:  As of July 13, 2012 Nikon USA is no longer selling repair parts to unauthorized repair facilities nor directly to end users .

Latest Update Nov 2013: The filter ring is available from: however the sheet unit that covers the screws is not available. Be careful removing the sheet unit it as it will need to be re-used. Also take care not to disturb the sticky glue surface or you will have to add adhesive.

Update August 2014 Jackie reports: 'I ordered the filter ring from the British company that you suggested.  They had the sheet unit in stock and charged £35.00 for both. They don't always have it in stock so you have to email to ask.'