Machias Community Church

More Koi please 

Posted by Pastor Ron Wednesday, June 29, 2011 6:00:00 AM

For Father's Day the kids are getting me some more Koi... at least that is what I think I heard them say. That's good because I like Koi.

Unfortunately so do the herons, raccoons and if the Koi are less than 5 inches the Devourer will snack on them as well.

Fortunately Fort Koi is back in operation with a fully functioning perimeter that his been checked with my special digital tester.

The larger unfenced pond is still open for business as a heron feeder. Hopefully the Koi that are left there are too large (14") to fly away but I'm not counting on it. I keep that pond well stocked with goldfish of assorted sizes and flavors.