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It wasn't against the law then. 

Posted by Pastor Ron Wednesday, October 13, 2010 7:00:00 AM

But it is now.  It's probably my fault too.  Not that I would do it again anyway. I prefer to take pictures.

I had never seen one of these things before and here were four of them!  I grabbed the biggest one and put it in my bag.   The teeth on the claws were like giant white molars!  I didn't dare try to stuff another one in there.

So I grabbed two more from behind, one in each hand, and swam to the surface.

When we eventually got back to Coronet Bay the Fish and Game people were waiting to measure any salmon caught.

I remember how excited they were to actually see a live Puget Sound King Crab.  They weighed it on their scale at 10 pounds.  They were less than excited to see that I had two more.

The next year the fishing regulations prohibited the taking of Puget Sound King Crab.

I'm still working on the moral to this story.