Machias Community Church

If robins ruled the world! 

Posted by Pastor Ron Friday, October 29, 2010 7:00:00 AM

Size matters.   I'm glad that God made us bigger so the robins can't pick on us. 

Think about it.  Have you seen the way they go after bugs and worms?  Yikes!!!

I shot this picture of a robin running directly toward me as I was laying on the ground.  Of course the robin was actually running toward a bug between us... but it got me to thinking!

The alley?  A friend shot that.  I Photoshopped the robin into the alley picture from here:

Oooops.  I mean from here:

Actually looking at the real picture kinda gives me the creeps.  What if that robin didn't get the memo that folks my size are off the menu!

And me without a telephone booth.

Remember Alfred Hitchcock's "the Birds"?  You can watch the whole 119 minute movie in 1 minute 41 seconds using the link.