Machias Community Church

I like things that are built to last 

Posted by Pastor Ron Friday, November 16, 2012 8:24:00 PM

During my third year in Bible College funds were tight due to 1) my not having a job, 2) a surprise bill from the IRS, 3) a contract payment that was no longer coming in, 4) a house payment that still needed to go out, 5) a car that wanted gas for the daily 90 mile commute to school and 6) a family that needed to be fed.

What to do.. what to do.. ?!?

Why, we'll trust the Lord and buy a blender of course!

In February of 1976 we purchased a Vitamix 3600 for the princely sum of $185 ($588 in today's dollars.)

It is still going strong and of course God supplied all of our other needs as well. But most importantly, we grew in faith and our confidence in God was confirmed.

Our Faith has been built to last and it is still going strong!