Machias Community Church

I hate to give up 

Posted by Pastor Ron Thursday, September 30, 2010 6:00:00 AM

But sometimes you need to know not only when to quit, but where to quit.  And sometimes you eat the heron and sometimes the heron eats you. 

I know... it is illegal to eat a heron and the saying is usually about eating the bear, but...

I happen to like heron.  Or at least I use to like heron.  That is until I stocked my heron feeder with goldfish. 

Then I started liking the goldfish and decided the heron feeder was now a goldfish pond.  To make matters worse I put some koi in the pond and began to feed the fish by hand.

The heron have never agreed with me on this change of purpose.  No matter what I tried they found a way to access the bounty I provided them.

I give up.  My pond is a heron feeder.  That's a fact.

But even though I quit in one place,  I didn't give up altogether.

I set up another, smaller maximum security fish pond that is off limits to heron, raccoons, osprey, kingfishers, and the neighbor's dog.

It took two zaps from the electric chicken wire fence to convince the heron that this was a no go zone.  The dog only took one zap to the nose and got the message. 

Which leads me to believe that either dogs are smarter than heron (which I doubt) or that heron are less likely to give up on an endeavor.

One should never give up a worthy cause.  Adjust and find another way.  Like a heron.

Fort Koi ~