Machias Community Church

I couldn't find it to buy or to borrow 

Posted by Pastor Ron Saturday, April 14, 2012 5:28:00 PM

So I made it.

I needed to torque a 15/16" nut to 170 ft/lbs which is the same as a 170 pound guy standing on a foot long lever.

However the nut was situated in such a way that a 1/2" drive socket would not work. And a 3/8" drive crows foot, even if I had one, probably wouldn't withstand 170 ft/lbs of torque.

So I cut the end off of a 15/16" open end wrench and welded a 1/2" drive socket to it. Then I ground off the part of the socket I didn't need keeping just the square 1/2" drive part.

The tool adds 4.25" inches to my 16" torque wrench. The side benefit was that I only needed to pull 135 ft/lbs with this extension to get the full 170 ft/lbs.

You can't buy it but now you know where you can borrow one.

The math for Ralph : (16/(16+4.25))*170=134.320987654321

The website that will do the torque wrench extension math for you including an added angle.