Machias Community Church

How to eat twice as much without gaining weight! 

Posted by Pastor Ron Wednesday, December 25, 2013 9:55:00 AM

1. Start each meal by reminding yourself that:

   a) Eating is not the same as ingesting

   b) Engorgement does not equal Enjoyment

   c) Eating ends with swallowing so don't swallow too soon

   d) Eating was designed to be enjoyable

2. Eat tasty food that looks good

3. Take a smaller portion to start (you can go back for seconds)

4. Use a smaller fork and/or spoon - better yet use chop sticks

5. Take smaller bites (see number 4) - at least half as much as your mouth can hold

6. Look at it before you jam it into your mouth

7. Don't jam it into your mouth.. place it into your mouth

8. Resist the urge to chomp and swallow - take twice as long to enjoy each bite

9. Savor this one bite by thinking about how it tastes and how it feels inside your mouth

10. Take time to thank God for this bite of food.. not out loud, you have food in your mouth

11. The next bite should be of something different on your plate. This is actually an important point: going back and forth between contrasting elements will keep you from becoming desensitized to what you are eating and make it possible to savor the experience of eating over the course of the whole meal.

12. Don't go back for seconds (ignore what I said at the end of number 3)

Following these steps you will not have consumed twice as much.. in fact you may end up slowing down your feeding frenzy long enough that your blood sugar rise will have had time to tell your brain to tell your mouth to stop!

If you have successfully disassociated eating with consumption you will have eaten (and enjoyed it) twice as much.