Machias Community Church

Go to your room! 

Posted by Pastor Ron Wednesday, February 09, 2011 8:00:00 AM

It was 'The Joke that wasn't funny'.

I spent so much time laying down beside this engine working on it that our son Paul would scold "Go to your room!" every time I removed the dinning table and opened the hatch.

At that time it didn't look quite as inviting as this picture with the engine room all clean and freshly painted white for market.

I had to squeeze myself in alongside a hot engine that smelled of diesel fuel and yes there was a holding tank down there too.

We were on our way to Alaska and the engine kept stopping. It always stopped running at the worse possible moment. We had an air leak in the fuel line and diesel engines do not like that.  Whenever it stopped I would have to open the hatch and try to bleed the air out to get the engine started again.

That is when Paul thought it was 'funny' to say ~ "Go to your room!"