Machias Community Church

Follow the Leader 

Posted by Pastor Ron Saturday, January 07, 2012 8:00:00 AM

It's more than a child's game... it is a fact of life: we all follow the leader whether we know it or not. The real issue is 'what leader are you following?'

Sin was causing many problems for the Corinthian Church but the divisions caused by false claims of following was at the head of the list. While some claimed to be following Paul others claimed to be following Apollos or Peter. The more 'spiritual' ones claimed to be following Christ.

Truth be told  they were self-willed false followers who were only following their own lusts and ultimately you know what that means.

Figure out who you are really following (don't deceive yourself on this) and where you will end up if you continue on this course. Some will make it to a safe port having accomplished their task and others will be shipwrecked on the rocks.

Choose wisely.