Machias Community Church

Bring it to a dead stop! 

Posted by Pastor Ron Tuesday, November 08, 2011 9:43:00 AM

The ocean going tug 'Dominion' used to be moored along the Snohomish River. It had a direct reversing Enterprise diesel engine that was started with compressed air. There was only enough compressed air for a limited number of start attempts.

The engine and propeller were directly connected so once the engine started the propeller was turning. In order to go from forward thrust to reverse thrust the engine needed to be completely stopped, the valve train switched over and then the engine restarted in reverse.

I've seen folks have trouble parking their 16' runabout with outboard motor ~ imagine the skill needed to bring this thing up the river and park it there!


Sometimes you need to come to a complete stop before you can reverse and even then you might only have a few chances to get it right. Apply liberally to your own personal situation.