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When the tide is out 

There are some battles you will not win 

Follow the Leader 

I'm too fat to move 

Sailfin Scuplins 

What a mug! 

Here... let me get that speck out of your eye 

Tiger and China 

Not a stone ~ a rock 

Making a come back in Puget Sound 

Red Gunnel 

Only tropical fish are colorful 

Don't see me! 

Red Irish Lord 

The Young and the Old  

Wolf Eels are PNW favorites 

Sportin' quite a rack there. 

Get your Warbonnet on! 

Purple Cab 

Red Cab 

Attacked by an angry Cabbie! 

There's something fishy about these posts! 

Beauty is where you find it 

Coronet Bay 

Scraping the bottom 

Another PNW Icon 

Iconic PNW 

Crab Eye Week ~ Wednesday