Machias Community Church

Posts From August, 2011

On closer examination 

How many rocks do you see 

Problems can be solutions 

Scraping the bottom 

The Shapeless Blob Sunstar 


Another PNW Icon 

Iconic PNW 

Oyster Catcher 

We'll bee at the watering hole... 

When we see this... 

Frog Count Contest 

Alligator hunting 

Don't stop the prop 

Coffee Commando 

Paddle them when they are young 

Three wise men 

Finally ~ we have a church sign out front! 

The world's largest softbox 

Paddling the Estuary 

If you could live anywhere... 

Flying High 


Damsel in distress 

I'll try when everyone stops watching me 

Frogpole Bubbles 

Acquiring a round 'Tuit' 

Ambush Baby 

Surprise Deer! 

Frog Week 

Hoo Hoo Bird