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Posts From June, 2011

Bridge to nowhere? 

More Koi please 

Hiding in the bushes 

From the file: 'Ooh Ooh ~ Gotta take a picture' 

Beyond Anacortes 

Braider 4 

Anacortes Lamburgers, Downspouts and Drinking Fountains 

Pushing vs Pulling 

Goat Riders in the Sky 

A different perspective 

North Cascades Highway 

Liberty Bell 

Wisteria Lane 

Risking life on limb 

They're Back 

Don't stick your head in here 

Nipple Sponge 

Underwater Doily 

Yearning for greener grass 

What lies below the surface? 

Please don't eat these 

125' deep and she doesn't sleep 

I saw myself 

What is on the inside? 

The ups and downs of life 

When you need a little help with humility 

I can see right through you 

Carls bad finger 

Dead Man's Fingers 

Raccoon Fish