Machias Community Church

Posts From May, 2011

Like the rolling waves 

Are you dead or just not moving? 

I'm going backwards! 

Content Aware Fill 

Now that the lawn has grown back 

Seen from afar 

Douglas is a squirrel 

Cold water in the face 

You talkin' to me? 

Sponge Bird? 


What a pretty little ear! 

Shop for Less 


Out of the darkness and into the light 

Where is this? 

Sponge Crab Too 

What's soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside? 

Rats swarming all over! 

I know gas is expensive 

Every Tuesday Afternoon 

Carpeting the Pond 

What lurks below? 

What is this woman seeking? 

Did I really need to dig a hole there? 

We walk where others have walked 

What else would you expect? 

Pine Wood Derby tonight 

Oyster Dinner 

Crab Eye Week ~ Monday 

Crab Eye Week ~ Sunday