Machias Community Church

Posts From March, 2011

InnerSpace Alien 

Tropical diving isn't cool. 

Bottoms up! 

Cranky cabbies are no fun! 

Oh glorious day! 

All is calm 

Six months is a long time! 

I'm floundering around! 

Astoria Fisherman 

One of my favorite places to stay 

Every where I go I'm reminded 

If a bald eagle really were bald  

Speaking of earthquakes~ 


We were delayed at the airport 

Can't we all just get along? 

A knot or not? 

Riding the Diamond Back 

They're so cute when they're sleeping. 

Don't poke the bear 

Time to dust it off 

Adult Pizzas 

My Kitchen 

The fleet began to grow 

Right into the ditch 

You say good bye ~ I say hello 

Finger lickin' good 

No Smoking ~ Safety First 

Beautiful March Point 

How do they know? 

What we see