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Posts From December, 2010

Where did the year go! 

From Upgrade to Straight Arrow 

Pimento Jelly 

He waited and watched 

From my recent trip to Mars ~ 

Really now ~ what could be better than pie! 

There is a deer in my pie! 

Christmas Program 

Two years ago we had a White Christmas 

More Coldwater Color 

Don't touch that! 

While you were sleeping 

Is it Spring yet? 

Is it Spring yet? 

Is it Spring yet? 

Why slide when you can ride? 

We are going to eat it raw! 

Living on clover 

I can't name this fish 

It's raining color 

Pick your favorite 

Why are these people smiling? 

Did I mention that I like... 

When can we go back? 

Aaakk! My nose is blue!!! 

Can any good thing be found at Mukilteo? 

Cameras can see some things we can't 

Guarding empty vessels 

If shoes grew on trees 

Spicify that please 

If your kid asked for bread would you give him a stone? 

Hay. Somebody's living in our old barn!