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Posts From November, 2011

The Young and the Old  

Wolf Eels are PNW favorites 

More eels, eh? 

This makes me eel at ease 

The oddly named Frogfish 

Sportin' quite a rack there. 

Get your Warbonnet on! 

Purple Cab 

Red Cab 

Attacked by an angry Cabbie! 

There's something fishy about these posts! 

Oh Yes!!! 

Hey Fish Face ~ yeah you! 

There is a price to be paid 

When the road becomes a difficult path 

The road less traveled 

Prayer doesn't move God 

Putting feet to our prayers 

The other secret to my success 

Use it or lose it 

Always carry your best camera 

Bring it to a dead stop! 

Are we there yet? 

Some things are worth restoring 

One tree does not a forest make 

Chocolate Covered Cherries 

Don't stick your finger in there 

Spring rolls in the Fall 

Shane wears a suit to work