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Posts From November, 2010

About that monster 

About that Cave 

Where have all the heron gone ~ long time passing 

I haven't seen Bob in a while 

Snow Fire 

Proud not to be a turkey 

The color Purple 

Into the lion's den 

The color Blue 

Suckers on the bottom and pinchers on the top 

Digging Sunflowers 

How about a hug? 

This is Pain 

Two months later and he was still there! 

Photographers photographing photographers 

picture perfect picture 

Spraying to reverse the curse 

Tomorrow at MCC 

There really are monsters 

More Washington State is a cool place to live 


This year wasn't last year 

What's wrong with this picture? 

"When all is calm" is a much better state of affairs 

More of my favorite underwater animal 

A small octopus in the hand is better than a large one eating your hand. 

Can you guess where this is? 

Are you ready for this? 

Was it Luck, Serendipity or a Poached Strobe? 

Another Wendy we loved and lost.