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Posts From January, 2011


Naked Gill 

Here is something you don't see everyday! 

Burrito Grande Wet 

Dirty old Wilson 

Naptime on the backside 

The Moon without Venus ~ Denarau Island, Fiji 

Venus following the Moon ~ Lake Stevens, Washington 

The Moon following Venus ~ Kihei Maui, Hawaii 

Sunrise Sunset ~ Akumal, Mexico 

Men who are proud of their dome... 

Respect your elders 

False Hope ~ only $9.95! 

"They will quickly turn and bite if you touch them." 

Cobb Seamount 

Get your Warbonnet on! 

the Grape Eater 

How can I pick a favorite?! 

Snow is so much fun! 

Mick Jagger and Dr Tooth 

So many eyes ~ so little to see 

Scallop burgers 

Catching air 

Here... try this one on for size. 

Sometimes the better seat is standing 

Brown Gold 

Why I like to sit on a sharp rock 

I like to photograph photographers... 

Another favorite underwater critter ~ I call him Bob 

Beauty is in the eye 

the Smiling Marble New Year's Resolution